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What is Braille Alphabet Generator?

Braille Alphabet Generator generates fully customizable image files for Braille characters. Braille is a tactile system that, obviously, these image files are not. The audience of this project are the partially or fully sighted Braille learners. Although there are many sites that attempt to teach Braille for a specific language (US-English, for example), at the time of this project (Dec 2013), the author did not find a single site that focuses on the Braille alphabet itself and lets user create or download it. This project is aiming to fulfill that gap.

A suitable understanding of this project would require a basic background of what Braille system is. Braille characters are represented by presence or absence of 6 'dots'. These dots, named 1 through 6, can represent 26 or 64 characters including one where no dot is present at all. This project produces these characters as GIF or PNG format.

Note that, the Braille characters are themselves independent of the language that they represent. The same character set can represent almost all written languages or variation of the same language (US versus British English, for instance) of the world as long as the reader knows which language the character set is representing. Accordingly, the output of this project can be used for any language a Braille article represents.

Similarly, the character set remains unchanged for various grades of Braille system within one language.

Project Details


This project is distributed as an open source repository under Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL).

Download source

You can download sources in tar+gzipped from here. Use 'tar -zxvf ...' command to ungzip and untar.


The code is written using Perl and its GD library. It is tested with Strawberry Perl 5.14.

Directory structure of the downloaded tree

Once uncompressed, the downloaded source will create a directory named brailleAlphabetGenerator. It will also create the following subdirectories under this directory.

  1. doc: Documentation directory.
  2. code: Home of the Perl code.
  3. charImages: Gallery of the images developed with default values of parameters. See the section Image Gallery below.

Example Usages

$isSuccessful = brailleAlphabetGenerator::brailleAlphabetGenerator(@listOfDotChars);

$isSuccessful is user-defined variable in user code. It is 1 upon successful completion.
@listOfDotChars is an array of strings that the user wants to get images for.

Serial Number Code What does it mean
1 my @testArray = ('all'); &brailleAlphabetGenerator::brailleAlphabetGenerator(@testArray); Generate all characters. 'all' is a special string.
2 @testArray = ('1234', '135', '246'); &brailleAlphabetGenerator::brailleAlphabetGenerator(@testArray); Generate dot characters: 1234, 135 and 246.
3 @testArray = ('0'); &brailleAlphabetGenerator::brailleAlphabetGenerator(@testArray); Generate the blank character. '0' indicates the blank character.


User can customize the following characteristics of the generator.

Variable Definition Default value
$destImgDir Destination image directory '../charImages'
$isGif Is GIF or PNG? 1
$width Dimension 19
$height Dimension 27
$vertMargin Margins (from edge to the nearest center) 5
$horizMargin Margins (from edge to the nearest center) 5
$bg_R Background color - red component 255
$bg_G Background color - green component 255
$bg_B Background color - blue component 255
$fg_R Foreground color - red component 0
$fg_G Foreground color - green component 0
$fg_B Foreground color - blue component 0
$radiusSkip Radius of an empty dot position in pixel 1
$radiusDot Radius of an existing dot position in excess of an empty dot position (in pixel) 4

Image Gallery

Downloading Image Gallery

The image gallery with default parameters is part of the standard download of this release. See Download section above.

Naming Conventions

The images are named as per the dots present in that character. For instance, 346.gif represents the character that has dots 3, 4 and 6 present.

Gallery with Default Parameters

Here is the image gallery of the Braille characters generated through the default setting of the program.

Bug Reporting

Bugs can be reported here.

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Swapnajit Mitra is the author and maintainer of this project.